What’s the difference between a Rain Garden and a Swale?

Rain garden, bio swale, dry creek bed. These aren't the most familiar terms to the average gardener. In the coming years these types of earthworks are crucial in increasing local water supply, water quality, controlling floods, and cleaning up our oceans and beaches. Why? Because contouring the soil in your garden slows water down, spreads it across the landscape and allows it to soak into the soil. Healthy living soil is the best option we have for filtering water to clean it up, better than any manmade technology. The moisture in the soil boosts plant growth and reduces the amount of municipal water you have to use for your garden. Bridge over a dry creek bed style swale in a front yard in

Stunning Before and After Transformation

Landscape design is an extremely satisfying career path if you are the type of person that likes to come up with a complex idea and see it through into a physical creation. As a very creative person constantly brainstorming ideas, having the chance to work with open minded couples is a dream come true. I met Howard and Jenni at my cousin’s birthday party and we immediately started talking about traveling and stories of recent vacations. When I first visited their home I instantly imagined transforming their large, impersonal building into a colorful, exotic retreat. Now that their exterior transformation is complete, the homeowners spend most of their time at home enjoying the outdoor spaces