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succulents, rose garden, backyard design, landscape design, drought tolerant

A passion for environmentally sensitive gardens.


Founded in 2007, Urbafloria designs gorgeous, innovative landscapes with the natural environment in mind. Carefully considering the needs of the client, the existing site conditions, and the impact on the earth, we create a unique design that will truly thrive and look beautiful for years to come.


Our designs follow the Watershed Approach: they conserve and retain water, are permeable to air and rain, need less maintenance, and provide wildlife habitat.


If you are looking for a Landscape Designer who uses the most current regenerative methods or just need advice on the next steps towards greening your outdoors, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life.  We work with individuals who are ready to step into the role of environmental stewardship; people who dream of unlocking the natural potential of LA's landscapes.  

- Jacky Surber

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