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Vegetable Gardening Workshops

We are very excited to announce Urbafloria's first ever gardening workshops. We really hope you can join us! An in-depth training for anyone who is interested in starting their own organic edible garden or anyone who already has a garden and wants to learn more, these workshops will be fun and have a hands on component. No prior edible gardening experience necessary, refreshments and lunch will be provided. You will go home with seeds, starts and lots of handouts. Please bring a water bottle, hat and gloves.


Saturday, March 23, Part 1: Edible Gardening Basics

Saturday, April 27, Part 2: Digging Deeper

Both days 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

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(Summer harvest basket in Brentwood, CA)


Encino, at the home garden of Dana Wolf.


2 class package

$180 before March 11th, $200 after March 11th

1 class

$100 before March 11th, $110 after March 11th

RSVP to with "Garden Workshop" in the subject line and we'll get right back to you, or call 818-650-0122 and leave a message.

Read on for class details and teacher bios.

(Location of the garden workshops, Encino, CA)

Part 1: Edible Gardening Basics, will cover the following topics:

1. Edible Garden Location and Design - Learn how to determine the best location in your yard for an edible garden. How large should my edible garden be? We will explain that too! We'll cover growing in ground, different types of raised beds and pots.

2. Soil and Mulching - We'll educate you on the basics of healthy soil, how to make it and where to buy it.

3. Irrigation - Find out how to water your garden on any budget, be it hand watering, ollas, drip irrigation and other techniques.

4. Planting - You will get hands on experience sowing seeds directly and in trays, and you will get to take home seedling starts as well as seeds. We'll also get our hands dirty practicing how to properly transplant starts, and provide you with a list of the best seed companies and nurseries to shop at for starts and seeds.

5. Selecting Varieties - We'll cover what to plant during each season, some of the best varieties for our climate and how to choose what to grow in your garden.

6. Tools - Get knowledgeable about the tools you'll need to get started and grow your garden with ease.

7. Fruit trees and Vines - There are so many types of fruit trees, shrubs and vines that will grow in Los Angeles and provide you with food, with some tricks and tips you can start planning your home orchard.

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(Freshly picked young garbanzo beans)

Part 2: Digging Deeper, is suitable for anyone who has attended Part 1 or who has some experience and wants to deepen their skills. The class will cover the following topics:

1. Soil Health - How do I keep my soil healthy? Should I add fertilizer? What is a cover crop? When do I rotate crops? Get all these answers and more to have abundant yields.

2. Composting - Learn about different methods of composting and which one is right for your yard and lifestyle. We'll cover compost tea basics too.

3. Pest and Disease Management - A critical skill set for any gardener, we'll teach you about good and bad bugs, how to attract or repel them and what to use to control them organically.

4. Types of Plants - Each plant family of vegetables and herbs has different requirements in order to thrive, get familiar with each family and simplify your gardening techniques.

5. Harvest and Storage - Crucial aspects to make the most of your yields, we will cover the hows and whens for each type of produce.

6. Changing my Garden Beds or Pots - Orient yourself to the planting seasons in Los Angeles and you will be set up for successful crops.

Read on to learn about the teacher and host

About your host

Dana Wolf is a recreational edible gardener, living in Encino, CA. She has always been captivated by food growing in gardens, farms, and orchards. In 2011, without knowing anything about growing plants, Dana finally decided to remove a large area of the lawn in her backyard and install an organic edible garden of her own. She gradually learned how to maintain her edible garden herself through consultations with a edible garden landscape designer, reading books, countless google searches (“how to harvest broccoli”), and, mainly, a ton of trial and error. In 2014, Dana also volunteered to help maintain the beautiful edible garden at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. For Dana, her garden is a place of respite and beauty, a way of learning about the natural environment, sustainability and nutrition, and a source of culinary inspiration.

(Dana Wolf in her home garden in Encino, CA)

About your teacher

Jacky Surber has been designing gorgeous, innovative landscapes with an emphasis on edible and native plants for 10 years. With a background in farming, a BA in Environmental studies from UCSB and a Permaculture Design Certificate, she truly loves growing food and helping others learn how to garden in their own landscapes. A Certified Landscape Professional with G3 since 2009 Jacky is adept at implementing the Watershed Approach to garden design, crafting gardens that conserve and retain water, are permeable to air and rain, sequester carbon and provide wildlife habitat. She studies current regenerative methods, attending garden tours, conferences and lectures on a regular basis and learns from nature first hand, spending her free time hiking and wild flower hunting. With an in depth knowledge of sustainability and a passion for growing and eating nutritious foods all year long, you are sure to learn something new about growing food from Jacky.

(Jacky Surber in front of a giant Artichoke plant holding a huge bunch of rainbow chard)

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