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Hands on With The Do's and Don'ts of Pruning
Das Klima machen wir uns selbst

Yes, that's a German title you just read. This video was created by the public broadcast channel in Germany, as part of a series about climate change. So if you speak German you might enjoy watching this episode I am featured in.  I appear 23 minutes into the footage.

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Water Wise Advice From a Sustainable Landscaper

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Justin DiPego - Senior Editor of

Drought-stricken Californians turf their grass for cash


Kim Brunhuber, CBC News - May 11, 2015 



“Instead of rocks, she will be using a layer of biodegradable paper, then mulch and wood chips which will allow rain to replenish the groundwater.

"Healthy living soil can hold up to seven times its weight in water," she says. "So we are trying to create a storage of water within the soil".